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'Minecraft' 1.9 combat update news: New combat features provided by latest update

RyanMinecraft - "Minecraft" has just seen a massive update to its combat mechanics with the recent launch of the 1.9 Combat Update. The update is now live and available for download. As stated in a report from Cinema Blend, the new mechanics make "Minecraft" feel like an entirely different game due to its refined mechanics.

Some of the main new mechanics include the ability to hold weapons with both hands. This allows players to equip a sword in one hand and the new shields in the other. Players will also be able to hold a weapon in one hand and a torch in the other, making evening combat much easier.
Attacks now have a cool-down feature, which means players will need to be more careful in timing their hits or else they will be left vulnerable for an enemy's counter. Swords have a new sweep attack, which is best for handling hoards of monsters surrounding a player, and there is the new crushing blow of the axe weapon which can deal large damage.
The Ender Dragon, which is considered as the game's final boss, has also been given the option to be resummonded. This would allow players to fight the final boss as often as desired. The End has also been expanded, and a ton of new crafting options and monsters have been added as well, including igloos and Skeleton Riders.
Armor has also seen a significant change as the overall protection has been lowered, giving more emphasis on combat tactics instead of just letting players take more hits.
It is important to note that the update is solely for the PC version, and it is said on the report that a proper mobile or console update may take some time to release. The mobile version of "Minecraft" is often the last version of the game to receive major updates.



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